I’m Evan Fell

I build websites

I am a professional web developer with 14 years experience. I've built sites for Ivy League schools, Fortune 500 companies, media agencies, startups, filmmakers, and everything in between.

Need Some Web Expertise?

I am a full time web designer, developer, and programmer. I build pixel perfect layouts and program web-based software. I specialize in CMS implementation, e-Commerce development, lead capture integration, analytics and web services consulting.

Website Design

The staple of my work is website design and development. I build sites from the ground up, working with the client on layout choices and recommending design options to best suit the business.

CMS Integration

Most of my sites are built on top of a content management system to allow the client full control over copy, content, and imagery. I work with WordPress most frequently, but have strong experience with Drupal, Joomla, Silverstripe, and many other PHP based CMS platforms.


I have built e-Comm solutions for all types of businesses and products. I can build e-Comm functionality into an existing site, or build a fresh site on WooCommerce or Magento. I also do layout customizing for Shopify and BigCommerce.

Online Marketing

I write and edit copy for Facebook, Instagram, and Google, for original ad campaigns. I also work with affiliate marketing programs and have experience integrating e-Comm sites with many online marketplaces.

Print Media

I do a lot of print media design work. I've made catalogs for apparel companies, movie posters and DVD covers for films, flyer advertisements, large format banners for tradeshows, magazine ads, and article layouts.

Social Management

Every site needs social integration these days and I can help in many capacities. I setup and maintain social accounts, I build Facebook pages with custom integrations and functionality, and I can even handle writing and posting on an ongoing basis.

Want some advice?

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Send me some notes about your project and what you are hoping to accomplish. I'll be happy to give you some feedback and make a recommendation.

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